What is QU80 rail?

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qu80 rail

The heavy machine track model QU80 rail refers to the rail head width.

The crane track must be fixed to the travel beam, and the trolley track must be fixed to the main beam. When the crane is running, the track cannot move horizontally and longitudinally, and the track must be easy to adjust. There are special rails, railway rails, square rails and P-type rails for crane tracks; square rails have relatively large wear on the wheels and are rarely used now; most cranes and large vehicles use P-type rails.

The safety inspection of the track needs to check the track, bolts and splints for cracks, looseness and corrosion. If cracks are found, they should be replaced in time, and other defects should be repaired in time. The main inspection tool is a line track flaw detector.

As China famous QU80 rail supplier , Gloryrail arranged large amount QU80 rail stock all year around, and we could offering cutting and punching processing service for QU80 rail.

Glory Rail can supply all kinds of steel rails, including light rail, heavy rail, crane rail, like U71Mn QU80 rail with different standards and specifications.

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