What is flat steel?

What is flat steel?

The flat steel is also called steel flat bar .

Flat steel bar refers to steel with a width of 12-300mm, thickness of 4-60mm, a rectangular cross-section, and slightly pure edges. The steel flat bar can be the finished steel, or it can be used as the blank of the welded pipe and the thin slab for laminating the thin plate.

The main purpose of flat steel: steel flat bar can be used to make hoop iron, tools and mechanical parts and it also can be used as a frame structure and escalator on construction.

Hot rolled flat steel applicaton:

1: Hot-rolled steel flat bar can be used to make components, escalators, bridges and fences. Hot rolled flat steel bar has good strength, and the surface is smoother than other steels. In addition, the thickness of steel flat bar is very tight, which determines that steel flat bar is very suitable for welding. It is worth mentioning that the steel has a higher load capacity. In the production process of components, escalators and fences, welding is an indispensable processing technology. At the same time, such objects must also require the surface of the steel to be smooth and able to carry a certain amount of heavy objects. Some characteristics of steel flat bar exactly meet the requirements.

2: Hot-rolled steel flat bar can be used as welded steel billets and slabs for laminated sheets. It is a type of steel with a rectangular interface, which can be regarded as part of a long steel plate. This also allows hot rolled steel flat barl to be processed into a large steel plate.

Flat steel production process:

The production process can be summarized as: pre-leveling → finishing → straightening → post-leveling.

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