The characteristics of the stacker three-dimensional warehouse

stacker three-dimensional warehouse

stacker three-dimensional warehouse

The traditional warehouse is only a place to store goods, which is a kind of static storage. The automatic three-dimensional warehouse adopts the roadway stacker, which not only enables the automatic storage and retrieval of goods in the warehouse according to the needs, but also can be organically connected with the production links outside the warehouse, and through the computer management system and material handling equipment, the warehouse becomes an enterprise production. an important link in logistics.

The stacker warehouse is composed of three-dimensional shelves, roadway stackers, an entry (exit) warehouse workbench, automatic transport (exit), and an operation control system. The height can reach up to 40 meters, and the volume ratio is higher than that of traditional warehouse shelves. 5-10 times. The three-dimensional warehouse adopts computer control to store and manage various information, which can reduce errors in the process of cargo handling, improve the warehouse management level, and reduce cargo damage. It is one of the important automated three-dimensional warehouse solutions.

The stacker three-dimensional warehouse has a high handling speed and cargo access speed and can complete the warehouse entry and exit operations in a short time. It has the characteristics of a high degree of automation, saving land area and labor costs. The stacker performs a series of coordinated actions such as horizontal reciprocating linear motion, vertical lifting, and left and right telescopic fork picking in the three-dimensional warehouse aisle, so as to realize the storage unit goods from the aisle port. The warehouse-in operation from the conveyor to the designated cargo space, or the warehouse-out operation from the designated cargo space to the conveyor at the roadway port, so as to realize the automatic warehouse-in and out-of-warehouse of goods together with the roadway port in and out warehouse conveyor system.

Glory Rail specializes in providing rail system solutions for stacker warehouses. According to different warehouse design requirements, we provide rail systems including H beam steel rails and steel rails. From raw material supply to processing services, scheme design, and distribution of auxiliary materials, Glory rail provides one-stop services for stacker warehouses.