application scenarios of stereoscopic warehouses

application scenarios of stereoscopic warehouses

Stereoscopic Warehouse: Efficient Logistics Management and Industry Application Scenarios

The stereoscopic warehouse is an important part of the smart logistics warehousing system. It uses automation technology and intelligent warehousing equipment to store goods in the stereoscopic warehousing system through mechanization and automation systems to achieve rapid access and sorting. Automated vertical warehouses use automated equipment, conveying systems and control systems to achieve rapid entry, exit and sorting of goods, reduce manual operations and improve warehousing efficiency.

Automation equipment and intelligent control systems improve warehousing efficiency

The stereoscopic warehouse realizes the vertical storage and pickup of goods through an automated mechanized system. For example, using equipment such as elevators, conveyor lines, and automatic forklifts to achieve stereoscopic storage, automatic access, and standardized management of warehouse goods can greatly reduce storage and transportation costs, reduce labor intensity, and improve warehouse space utilization.

Through the warehouse management system, intelligent management and monitoring of goods in the warehouse are realized. Through functions such as warehousing business, in-warehouse business, and outbound business, a management system that comprehensively uses batch management, real-time management and other functions can effectively control and track the entire process of warehouse business and cost management, and improve the enterprise’s operational information management.

Industry application scenarios of stereoscopic warehouses

Manufacturing industry: Stereoscopic warehouses can provide efficient and fast storage and transportation of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products for the manufacturing industry. This helps shorten the production cycle, reduce inventory costs, and improve corporate competitiveness.

Construction machinery: With the upgrading and development of the construction machinery industry, logistics demand continues to increase. The stereoscopic warehouse can realize fast and accurate material storage, delivery and sorting, meeting the requirements of efficient logistics operations.

Heavy industry or metal: Stereoscopic warehouses can realize functions such as automatic entry and exit, automatic inventory, automatic identification, material positioning, and material location movement alarms through automated equipment. Accurate management and control will improve the overall management level through lean production and reasonable scheduling.

4 major characteristics of digital warehousing systems


It can realize the visualization of real-time update of inventory information, real-time monitoring and tracking of inventory status, accurate output of inventory information query results, and automated production of inventory operation documents, etc., and provide managers with comprehensive, effective and intuitive statistical information.

2. Traceability

Refers to the ability to track the location, status and other data of goods along the production and sales supply chain. This capability can be based on a batch number or serial number system and is the basis for establishing the Internet of Things.

3. Can be integrated

It refers to the combination of software, hardware and communication technology and other independent and separate storage systems, integrated operation of storage operations, integrated parts of the organic sharing of information, coordinated work, to achieve the purpose of overall optimization, in order to maximize the overall benefits.

4. Make smart decisions

Assistant decision makers can quickly and effectively analyze valuable information from a large number of data, and make semi-structured or unstructured decisions by human-computer interaction through data, models and knowledge, helping decision makers to achieve intelligent decisions.

Intelligent stereoscopic warehouses are a major trend in future warehousing development. With the support of artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of Things and other technologies, enterprises’ demand for intelligent warehousing management is increasing day by day. In addition of rail and accessories sales, GloryRail also can provide the stereoscopic warehouse design services.