steel rail selection

steel rail selection

Some Things to Note When Choosing Rail Products

There are many types of railway accessories, which are roughly divided into three categories of accessories. Each accessory has its own unique existence: track accessories, railway track types, and fixed accessories of railway tracks.

Classification of track accessories

1. Railway connection accessories

One type is the connecting fittings for rails on the same side, and the other type is the connecting fittings between parallel rails. Commonly used connecting accessories between parallel rails are gauge tie rods, gauge rulers, and other link accessories. General gauge tie rods are common track connection accessories in railway accessories. Insulated gauge tie rods need to be used in special cases. The track splint is an indispensable accessory in railway track connection and is used in the connection between rails and rails.

2. Railway track products

One type is railway rails, and the other type is larger switches, switch cores and other products in railway tracks. In railway transportation, the laying of railway rails is the basic configuration and is used during the laying and installation of railway tracks.

3. Fixed accessories for railway tracks

Generally, there are railway spike products with simple structure and slightly complex rail clamp products. Commonly used railway spikes include spiral spikes and ordinary spikes.

As one of the more representative accessories, rails require special attention in their selection.

When selecting, you should first choose a more formal manufacturer, so that the quality is more guaranteed. Because rails are not ordinary products, if you have the opportunity to visit the production workshop, you can see whether the production process is strictly controlled, whether the materials and processes are formal, and then decide whether to buy this company’s products.

Be optimistic about the manufacturer and come and see the finished product. Whether the surface of the rail is clean and smooth, and there should be no defects such as cracks, scars, scratches, etc.; there should be no signs of shrinkage holes or interlayers on the end face. The allowable defects on the overall surface of light and heavy rails and the degree of their geometric quantities shall not exceed the provisions of the standard.

Regular rail, after rolling should be straight, there should be no significant bending and torsion, for the light and heavy rail local bending and torsion and its correction deformation, the tilt of the light end face, etc., can not exceed the provisions of the standard.

The above points are indispensable links in selecting rails to ensure the quality of rails. Glory Rail is a professional rail wholesale and distribution service provider, providing wholesale sales of steel rails and lifting rails. It has many years of production experience and strong strength. Welcome to inquiry.