GloryRail has been working with rail systems for over 15 years. It is one of the few suppliers in China that pays attention to the research of the crane rail systems. Crane rails are one of the important application fields of rails. How to choose the right material and how to do the crane rail installations are very important. Choose GloryRail for reliable quality crane rails and accessories, as well as crane rail installation standard instructions. We have provided crane rail system supply and installation technical support for projects in many countries and regions around the world.

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Different crane rail systems have different installation standards. Crane rail design according to crane type. Start by choosing the right rail track model. Confirm the location and foundation of the rail installation. Generally, the basis of overhead crane rail installation is H-beam or steel structure beam. The port machinery tracks are mostly based on concrete, which needs to be installed through steel soleplates as a medium. The selection of the rail clips needs to be based on the load condition of the equipment and the application environment. Choose between bolt-type rail clamps or welded-type rail clamps. The distance between the rails is mostly 500mm or 600mm. The alignment tolerance of the track should be strictly controlled according to the installation requirements.

In China, the crane rail installation standards are mainly based on the 05G525 Atlas. This standard describes the end stopper, the connection between the tracks and the crane beam, the tack welding, the track expansion joint splicing, and so on. Measure data at different gross weight cranes and travel speeds. Reasonable crane rail installation suggestions are given through the engineer’s research and analysis. Since the crane rails, installations in the world mostly adopt flexible connection rail presses, and the rail joints will also adopt different connection methods according to the conditions of the equipment. GloryRail summarizes each project experience. From rail selection, rail presser matching, and rail joint fixing to car block design, we do data matching for each project to ensure the final crane rail installation effect.