Rail tracks for sale

rail tracks for sale

rail tracks for sale

Rail tracks for sale from China
Gloryrail does the rail tracks for sale for more than 15 years in China. With the continuous growth of global rail steel demand, Gloryrail is trying to provide stable quality products and services for the global market. Gloryrail currently has a close cooperation relationship with several major rail factories in China and keeps various train track steel stocks, We have our own processing plant, provides a variety of train track steel reprocessing services, and produce supporting rail accessories.
Standard train track rails for sale
GloryRail specializes in supplying GB (Chinses standard)
Light rail: 9kg、12kg、15kg、22kg、30kg/m and 8、18、24kg.
Heavy rail: 38kg、43kg、50kg、60kg rail tracks.
Crane rail: QU120,QU100,QU80,QU70.

DIN536:A45 A55 A65 A75 A100 A120
BS standard
UIC860: UIC54 and UIC60
JIS:JIS 15KG,JIS 22KG,JIS 30KG,JIS 37A, JIS50N, CR73, CR100.
Other international standards rails.

Rail track accessories
rail joint plate, rail clips, rail fasteners, rail sleepers, rail spike, and other parts.

train rail track reprocessing
45-degree cutting, bending, punching, and other custom processing