Rail-running gantry crane structure

gantry crane structure

gantry crane structure

The rail-running gantry crane is a special-purpose rail-hook crane widely used in China at present.

1. Gantry crane structure

The overall feature of the track-mounted hook gantry crane is a box-shaped, off-track box-shaped main beam cantilever gantry structure.

The metal structure of the whole machine is composed of the main beam, upper and lower beams, outriggers, trolleys, small frames, and so on. The gantry frame is a top horizontal frame composed of steel plate welded 2-heel off-track box-shaped main beam and 2-heel upper beam; among the 4 adjustable box-shaped outriggers of the crane, the two outriggers on the same side of the track are connected at the lower end with the lower beam, Two vertical plane frames are formed to form the rigid gantry structure type of the main girder of the crane.

The trolley running track is laid on the upper cover plate of the off-track box-shaped main beam, and the upper cover plate of the main beam doubles as a walking platform.

An I-beam is erected along the full length on the inner side of the main girder for the running of the trolley power supply cable, and there is an electrical room outside the main girder. A cable reel is installed on the lower door leg of the electrical room.

An escalator is arranged on a leg under the other main beam, and a rail clamp is arranged under the two lower beams.

2. Performance parameters

The lifting capacity of the rail-mounted hook gantry crane is 30.5t, the span is 18cm, the effective cantilever length at both ends is 7.5m (equal cantilever), the lifting height is 8.2m, the trolley gauge is 14.66m, and the trolley track maximum roof height is 13.5m. The working level of the main hoisting mechanism, the trolley running mechanism, and the trolley running mechanism is A (equivalent to heavy grade), and the working level of the rotating mechanism is A5-A7 (equivalent to intermediate grade).

3. Crane installation

The installation of a rail-mounted hook gantry crane is very important to work. Installation and construction in accordance with the determined plan and procedures can improve work efficiency, ensure installation quality, and save installation costs.