A brief introduction to rail fixing accessories

There are a variety of rail fixing accessories installed on the railway, which play a good role in fixing the railway track. When the train runs on the rail, it will impact the rail due to the large speed. If there is no rail fixing accessories to fix the rail, it will lead to the deviation of the rail, which will cause certain safety hazards to the train. Let’s briefly introduce several rail fixing accessories.
The elliptical long hole designed on the main body of the track pressure plate allows the pressure plate to have room for adjustment; the sloped hole cooperates with the stop block, which can effectively prevent the pressure plate from moving and moving after being tightened. Provides convenience for lateral adjustment of crane track installation or maintenance.
The cross-section of the rail rubber pad is slightly convex in the middle so that the force is reasonable. The small rectangular protruding strips purchased on the backing plate are easy to deform, which not only makes the backing plate and the track easier to contact but also increases the elasticity of the backing plate and plays a shock absorption role.
The pressure plate is fastened on the crane beam, which will not loosen, and is not easy to wear the crane beam. The symmetrically arranged pressing plates form a wedge-shaped structure in the section direction, thereby limiting the left and right displacement of the track.
The rail splint is generally made of iron alloy and can be divided into various types according to different rails. The splint is generally used to fix the rail, and the splint is placed on the rail together with the rail all year-round, which is seriously affected by the rail. Regular maintenance and repair of the splint cannot be ignored. We will encounter all kinds of splints in our lives, and we must choose the right product in use.
The styles and materials of the track platen are also more diverse, and the choice of the track platen should be made according to your actual needs in use. The track pressure plate is the most common equipment on the rail, and it is also a fastener that cannot be ignored. If there is a problem with the quality of the track pressure plate, it will cause serious train running failures. When using it, professional operators should check the components, so as to prolong the service life of the components.