rail a100 supplier from china

rail a100 supplier from china

Rail A100 supplier from China

Rail A100 is  widely used for trolley crane and port crane, GloryRail reserve stock of DIN536 crane rail all year around, and we also have rich experience that supply total solution for crane rail system. we could supply rails and accessories. Like clamps, clips, fasteners, rubber pad etc.

Glory Rail could also offer DIN536 standard rails, including A45 crane rail, A55 crane rail, A65 crane rail, A75 crane rail, A100 crane rail, A120 crane rail, A150 crane rail., etc.


Size: A100 crane rail

Length: 12m~25m or other length according to customers’ requirement

Material: 900A, 50Mn

Standard: DIN 536 P1:1991

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