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The steel rail is the main component of the train tracks. It directly bears the repeated impact loads of the wheels of the rolling stock. It is also the basis for ensuring the safe, stable, and fast transportation of the train.

The earliest railway track material is iron. People manufacture steel rails in 1857. Compared to iron, steel is a stronger and harder material, it lasts longer, and can be made into longer track rails. At the same time, the shape of the train tracks has also been developed many times. Finally, the I-shaped steel rail has become the best solution at present. According to the purpose of railway transportation, there will be some differences in the specifications and materials of the train tracks.

Glory Rail is an important railroad rail material supplier in China. Based on the advantages of Made in China, we provide high quality and better price rail materials. Products include light rail, heavy rail, and crane rail. We can supply rails of many national standard models. For details, please refer to the specification table below.


Railroad track for sale from complete standards

DIN536 crane rails

| DIN536 Crane rail

DIN536 crane rail is a widely used type of crane rail. It has a thick web and a wide bottom. This structure has a large bearing capacity, is stable and reliable, and is suitable for various types of cranes, port machinery, etc.

DIN536 crane rails include A45/A55/A65/A75/A100/A120/A150. The standard length is 12 meters.

GloryRail is one of the few suppliers in China that can supply DIN536 crane rails. We always keep various models in stock and can arrange mass production plans at the same time.

The DIN536 crane rail track has a shorter web. This structure is different from the regular train tracks. Generally, the rail connection is mostly connected by a fish plate. DIN536 mainly uses welded connections or chamfered butt joints. The use of 45-degree chamfering can reduce the vibration of the wheels at the joints of the track and improve the stability of the crane operation.

Glory Rail has a rail processing workshop, which can perform length cutting, 45-degree bevel cutting, 30-degree bevel cutting, bevel processing, etc. If you want to inquire more about the DIN536 crane rail, you can contact GloryRail anytime.

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GB crane rails

|QU Crane rail 

The QU crane rail is a Chinese standard crane type. It includes the specifications of QU70/QU80/QU100/QU120. The most commonly used standard length is 12 meters, and the length of 9 meters, 10 meters, and 11 meters can also be customized.

The QU rail is one of the regular production track models. It has sufficient spot resources and complete specifications. Regular production scheduling can guarantee the shortest delivery time.

Compared with ordinary heavy rails, QU crane rails have a thicker web section. China is the world’s crane production base. Many of our cranes use QU crane rails. Port construction also requires a lot of QU rails.

The QU lifting rail generally uses four-hole fish plates to connect. It is also available with welded or 45-degree beveled butt joints. We can provide processing services according to customer needs.

QU crane rail for sale
GB light rail train tracks

|Light rail train tracks

Generally, we call a track with a weight of less than 30kg a light rail. Light rail is light in weight and small in load, with relatively low requirements. Light rail is mainly used for temporary transportation lines and light locomotive lines laid in forest areas, mining areas, factories, and construction sites.

The light train tracks material is Q235B and 55Q. Its specifications are 8kg/9kg/12kg/15kg/18kg/22kg/24kg/30kg.

GloryRail supplies mines with light train tracks material year-round. At the same time, we also provide customers with matching rail accessories. This includes spikes, fishplates, clips, bolts, etc.

Light rail for sale
GB heavy rail train tracks

|Heavy rail train tracks

The Chinese standard heavy rail is a rail with a meter weight greater than 30 kilograms. It is a track on which heavy vehicles run. Because the rail has to bear a large weight, the rail is thicker and heavier, and the specification requirements of the rail are relatively high. Before leaving the factory, in addition to testing the chemical composition, it also needs to test the mechanical properties, drop weight test, etc.

The material of the heavy rail is U71Mn. Its specifications are 38kg/43kg/50kg/60kg/75kg.

Scope of heavy rail train tracks: National standard interregional railways (including high-speed railways and heavy-haul railways), intercity railways, urban railways, and subways in urban rail transit are all heavy rail railways.

In addition, some projects will also use heavy rails as crane rails. We regularly supply 43kg and 50kg heavy rails for crane systems. The 50kg railway track can be used as a replacement option for the S49 track. Similar size specifications and lower costs can reduce the customer’s engineering budget.

Heavy rail for sale
EN standard railroad tracks

|EN standard railroad tracks

EN 13674-4 Railway applications – train tracks. This standard specifies flat bottom Vignole railway rails from 27 kg/m to, but excluding 46 kg/m.

Eight pearlitic steel grades are specified covering a rail hardness range of 200 HBW to 440 HBW and including non-heat-treated non-alloy steels, non-heat-treated alloy steels, heat-treated non-alloy steels, and heat-treated alloy steels.

The 54E1(UIC54) and 60E1(UIC60) models are most commonly available from GloryRail. These two models are mostly used in international railway construction projects. Lengths can be produced according to customer requirements. Glory Rail can produce fishplates, clips, and other accessories for UIC54 and UIC60 railway track.

If you want to know more, please contact Glory Rail.

EN railroad tracks for sale
DIN light rail train tracks

|DIN light rail train tracks

DIN5901 is the German standard for light train tracks. It contains models S10/S14/S18/S20/S24/S30. The standard length is 12 meters. Mainly used in mines and light crane equipment.

If you have a large demand, GloryRail can schedule production. Because the stock is less, generally small batch needs, you need to consult GloryRail. We can check for you whether the model you need is in stock. Or can suggest alternative specs for you.

DIN5901 rail for sale
ASCE railway track

|ASCE railway track

ASCE rail tracks are rails produced to American Society of Civil Engineering standards. Its models include ASCE25/ ASCE30/ ASCE40/ ASCE50/ ASCE60/ ASCE70/ ASCE80/ ASCE85.

ASCE rail is often used in light rail lines, mines, lumber mills, and some light lifting equipment.

ASCE60 rail is the most commonly used model. It is a kind of light railway track. Also known as 60lb rail track. ASCE 60 rail dimensions are head width 60.33mm, height 107.95mm, and bottom width 107.95mm. Meter weight 30.1kg.

GloryRail is an important ASCE rail supplier. We always stock ASCE60 and ASCE30 railway tracks.

ASCE railway tracks for sale

|JIS railroad track

JIS E1101 is JIS rail standard. It is flat bottom railway rails and special rails for switches and crossings of non-treated steel. The track models it contains are 9kg/10kg/12kg/15kg/22kg/30kg(30A)/37kg(37A)/40kg(40N)/50kg(50PS)/50kg(50N)/60kg.

As a JIS rails supplier, GloryRail often supplies JIS37A railway tracks and JIS50N rails. If you have JIS track requirements, welcome to consult us.

JIS railroad track for sale
JIS CR crane rails

|JIS CR crane rails

CR73 rail is JIS standard crane rail. CR73 rail profile: head width 100mm, height 135mm, bottom width 140mm.

CR100 rail dimensions: head width 120mm, height 150mm, bottom width 155mm.

If you need JIS standard crane rail, welcome to inquiry Glory Rail

JIS CR crane rails for sale