Crane rails are generally not laid directly on concrete floors. This is because the concrete cannot support the rail very well, so it is necessary to lay the steel soleplates as the direct bearing surface of the rail. There are also some rails that can be laid directly on H-beam or channel steel.
GloryRail has an independent soleplates processing workshop. The raw materials are uniformly purchased with high-quality plates, and laser cutting and drilling are used to ensure the accurate size of the soleplates. For the welded rail clips solution, we can directly weld the clip base plate on the steel soleplates and can galvanize the whole, and paint it for corrosion protection according to the needs of customers. In this way, the customer only needs to transport the processed steel support plate to the construction site for laying.


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Continuous soleplates are used to carry heavy-lifting rails and are fixed with bolted rail clamps or welded rail clamps.
In general, we use more welded rail clips and continuous steel soleplates to carry heavy cranes. The steel plate uses carbon steel plates over 20MM. The rail clips’ baseplates should be welded to the steel soleplates before galvanizing, so as to have a good welding interface and achieve a better anti-corrosion effect. There are fixed threaded holes and leveling bolt holes on the soleplates, which are connected and leveled with the on-site concrete base.

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Lighter lifting equipment can use individual soleplates. Compared with continuous soleplates, individual soleplates save more materials, and at the same time, the construction amount is small and the installation is convenient.
The individual soleplates have holes for connecting with the anchor bolts, and holes for installing the bolted rail clips. In some light applications, the rail clips and the anchor bolts can be directly connected.

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Soleplate Design and Production

The width of the soleplate should be guided by the minimum installation width of the track. The base width of the track and the model of the rail holder can determine the minimum installation width of the track. If the length of the continuous soleplate is designed to be too long, it will bend after cutting. The flatness of the soleplate is very important to the track system. We will design the best length according to the actual rail track model.

The steel plate is mainly made of S355JR or the same grade of steel. High strength and good stability. The use of laser-cutting production lines can ensure accurate size and neat appearance.

Soleplate can be used in primary color, and can also be anti-corrosion treated by galvanizing and painting. The anti-corrosion-treated steel backing plate has a longer service life in a humid environment. For the rail system using the welded rail press, we need to weld the base of the rail press to the steel backing plate first, and then carry out the overall galvanizing treatment. In this way, a fully sealed anti-corrosion effect can be achieved.

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Glory Rail crane track system consists of the following parts:

Steel rails, Glory Rail rubber pads, Glory Rail rail clamps, steel soleplates, grouting materials, and anchor bolts.
GloryRail provides a one-stop solution for the crane track system, which maximizes the efficiency of the customer’s operation in the entire project. The rail system budget accounts for a relatively low proportion of the project, but it involves many categories and the number of single categories is small, making procurement difficult and costly. At the same time, the track system is the basis for the operation of the project. Ensuring the smooth operation of rail systems is critical. GloryRail has established cooperation with China’s four major state-owned steel mills to provide first-class rail materials. GloryRail rubber pads use high-quality rubber raw materials, resolutely put an end to recycled materials, and achieve an international leading level in terms of performance and durability. After years of development, optimization, and adjustment in the production of rail clamps, the current production system is sound, covering bolted rail clamps and welded rail clamps used under various sizes and loads, with reliable quality. The steel backing plate is laser cut and punched with precise dimensions, and hot-dip galvanized and painted processing services are provided. At the same time, provide supporting high-quality grouting materials and anchor bolts for the project.

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