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Steel rails are very important industrial roles. From rail transportation to lifting and handling, rails are the basis for equipment operation. With the development of modern industry, the industrial society has more and more demands on the types of steel rail tracks. Common light rails, heavy rails, lifting rails, and special-shaped rails for special situations. With a wide variety of rails and varying quality, it is increasingly important to provide high-quality rail sales services for the industrial market.

Glory Rail Brand Steel Rail Supplier from China

Glory Rail is a professional steel rail supplier with more than 20 years of history. Through those years of development, Glory rail’s products are widely used in railway construction, port construction, crane equipment, and the mining industry all over the world. Relying on our good product quality, now we have solid projects cooperating with many foreign Governments or Leading enterprises, including Peru, Columbia, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Australia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Russia, Ukraine, etc.

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Railway rail for sale

The construction of railway lines mostly adopts heavy-duty track models. China’s railway lines mainly use 50kg and 60kg railway rails.

China is an important railroad rail producer in the world. In addition to its own railway construction and use. It also provides railway rail materials for international railway construction. GloryRail has been engaged in railway rail for sale for over 15 years. Various track models for railway construction are sold. This includes UIC54, UIC60, 115RE, JIS50N, etc.

railway rail for sale

Why Choose Glory Rail

Doing track sales for more than 20 years with rich experience.

Self-built warehouse, spot inventory, fast delivery.

The six major rail steel mills have in-depth cooperation, with complete categories and quality assurance.

Own track accessories production factory, one-stop purchasing service.

Has a senior technical team to provide technical support for the rail system.