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Why do we need anti-corrosion rails?

Rail corrosion protection is mainly to apply anti-corrosion coating on the surface of the rail, so as to ensure the isolation of the rail steel body and the external environment, and effectively prevent the external oxidation, rust, and corrosion of the steel.
Steel rails, especially heavy-duty rails and lifting rails, are mostly made of high-manganese steel. This steel has excellent wear resistance. Compared with ordinary steel, it can have a more stable and longer service life in wheel operation. However, in some special environments such as humidity, hydrochloric acid, and alkali, the rails are easily corroded by the external environment, especially the waist and bottom of the rails. Regular replacement of rails also results in a higher rate of downtime and adds substantial economic costs.
Therefore, the track working in this special environment needs rail corrosion protection. Coated rails came into being

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Glory Rail has been focusing on rail system solutions for many years, from rail raw materials to rail accessories, rail processing, and supporting equipment, Glory Rail has a complete supply system. Rust coating and deep anti-corrosion coating, the products are widely used in tunnels, coastal or special chemical environments. The company uses advanced sandblasting and rust removal processing lines to pre-process the rails so that the surface coating of the rails can be firmer, the service life is longer, and the operation efficiency of the rails can be effectively improved.


Track anti-corrosion is mainly used in some special use environments, but in ordinary use cases, the general track itself does not need anti-corrosion coating, but most of the fixed parts of the track need to be galvanized or sprayed for effective protection, so as to ensure It can have a longer service life, reduce the number of replacement and maintenance, improve the operating efficiency of the crane, and reduce costs and increase revenue for the industrial system.
Therefore, GloryRail pays special attention to the anti-corrosion and anti-rust work of rail accessories. Whether it is a fishplate, rail clips, steel soleplate, or various fixing bolts, the use of high-quality hot-dip galvanizing can greatly improve the anti-corrosion and anti-rust performance of accessories.