viga H de acero

H beam steel for the rail system

H beam is an economical section and high-efficiency profile with more optimized cross-sectional area distribution and a more reasonable strength-to-weight ratio. It can be divided into welded H-beam and hot-rolled H-beam.
H beam steel is widely used in the construction of rail systems, including crane structures, plant structures, equipment structures, etc. At the same time, some H-beams themselves can also be used as track materials, which are often used as stacker tracks in three-dimensional warehouses.
As a senior rail system solution provider, Glory Rail can not only provide conventional rail materials and accessories but also cover various types of H-beam and I-beam. It has a standing stock of national standard and European standard H beam steel. The processing workshop can cut and weld H-beam. And according to the customer’s requirements, the steel can be sandblasted and painted to meet the requirements of rust removal and anticorrosion.

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In the Gloryrail H beam steel machining center, we will customize the H-beam according to the specific requirements of the customer’s project, which can meet the structural processing according to the drawings, the processing of spare parts, and the galvanized and painted anti-corrosion processing of the finished product. An important part of GloryRail rail solutions, it solves the problem of difficult construction and high construction costs for customers on the project site. Installing rail presses on H-beams is a requirement for crane installation in many workshops. Our machining centers use their own accessories The advantages of product design are can provide a one-stop H-beam with a rail fixing system, which can meet the needs of customer project factory assembly.