Crane stops are installed on both ends of the crane track structure. It is the stop device of the crane system. The function of the crane end stops is to prevent the crane from slipping on the track and causing an accident.

The crane runway beam is placed on the corbel of the column. And crane rails lay on the beam. Cranes have braking systems. But the crane beam itself has no stopping device. You need to install cane stops on both ends. When the crane travels to the end stop position, the crane stopper will hold back the crane,  and prevent workers from derailing accidents due to a lack of instant braking in actual operation.

Therefore, the crane end stop is a safety protection device to prevent accidents, not a braking device. So when using the overhead crane, the overhead crane should not collide with the crane end stops arbitrarily, so as not to damage it and create an unsafe factor.

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As a professional crane rail system supplier, Glory Rail can design and produce various types of crane stops. In the processing workshop of the factory, we always stock steel plates of various thickness specifications. Generally, We will use S355JR high-strength steel plates. Laser cutting ensures the accuracy of blanking size. Our welding complies with international welding standards to ensure clean and tight welds without false welds. The finished crane end stops structure is stable and reliable.

According to the needs of customers, we can do sandblasting and rust removal for the crane rail stops, and galvanized paint can be carried out.

Usually, we produce the crane stops according to the customer’s drawings. But if the customer does not have a design plan, we will design the crane rail stops drawings for the customer according to the customer’s project situation. If you want to know more about the end stop, you can always contact our staff.

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The bumper is an important part of the crane rail stops. It buffers the destructive force of the collision between the crane and the crane end stopper. Glory Rail can supply several types of crane buffers. Contains spring buffers, rubber buffers, and hydraulic buffers as well as polyurethane foam buffers.

Glory Rail has a high reputation in the Chinese rail market. We export high-quality rail products to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, the United States, and South America. Maintain a good cooperative relationship with well-known crane manufacturers in Australia.
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