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Crane runway beam for the rail system

The crane runway beam is the beam structure that supports the operation of the overhead crane. There are crane rails on the beams, and the cranes travel back and forth on the crane beams through the rails. Intensive stiffening plates are welded on the web of the crane beam to provide support for the crane to lift heavy objects.
Under the construction of the crane rail system. As an important track bearing base, the crane runway beam is a prerequisite for the installation of the track system and determines the fixing method of the track. On the crane beam, the flat steel rail can be welded, the lifting rail can be fixed with hook bolts, or the rail can be fixed with a rail clamp. Usually, we use bolt-type rail presses on the rail beams, and we only need to reserve bolt holes when processing the rail beams. Later, we can use high-strength bolts to make the rail pressers press and fix the rails. If it is necessary to use a welded rail presser in special circumstances, it is necessary to weld the base of the welded rail presser to the top of the beam during the production of the crane runway beam, and then carry out anti-corrosion coating, which can protect the welding seam of the rail presser and avoid corrosion and rust. Affect the service life, while reducing the number of on-site operations and reducing engineering costs.

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In GloryRail’s H-beam processing workshop, the design and production of steel structures for crane runway beam are some of our important products. The production of steel structure products for rail systems is an extension of our rail solution services. Initially, some customers hoped to provide Welded flat steel rails and steel beams are integrated products to facilitate them to reduce the workload now. In some subsequent projects with high anti-corrosion requirements, customers hope that the rail pressure device can be welded to the crane beam in advance for overall anti-corrosion treatment. All processing is required to be completed in one plant as much as possible. GloryRail is committed to reducing the cost and improving the efficiency of the track system. The steel structure production line has undertaken this task. This service greatly reduces the cost investment of customers in track installation. Compared with For traditional steel structure manufacturers, the special crane beam for the rail system achieves the goals of lower cost, more reliable quality, and a higher degree of fit.