rieles de grúa para contenedores

Container crane rails system solution

Rail-mounted container cranes, also known as container gantry cranes. It is gantry cranes specially used in container terminals, railway transfer yards, and storage yards for container loading, unloading, and handling. It has a door-shaped frame metal structure. Its two feet are installed under the bearing main beam. It can walk directly on the track on the ground.

In container distribution areas such as ports and wharves, the application of rail-mounted container gantry cranes is already very common.

The container crane rails system is an important part of port construction. Container crane rails are the foundation of port operations. Once there is a problem with the track, the handling work will be greatly affected, or even stop work. Therefore, ensuring the smooth operation of the rail system is one of the port construction goals.

GloryRail provides container crane rails system material and design support. GloryRail can provide DIN536 series lifting rail, and GB QU series crane rail. From rail material to installation accessories, one-stop sourcing service. We can provied Installation designs according to customer needs.

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Container crane rails mostly use crane rails and heavy rails. We often supply DIN536 crane rails. The main models used include A75/A100/A120/A150. Chinese national standard crane rails include QU70/QU80/QU100/QU120. Some projects also use heavy-duty train tracks.


The container crane rail system is similar to other crane systems and requires a complete set of rail installation accessories. It contains rail clips, rail rubber pads, steel soleplates, anchor bolts, etc.

Glory Rail can meet the one-stop procurement needs of container crane rail systems. We design and provide rail installation and fixing solutions, including rail fixing clips, steel soleplates, crane rail pads, and high-strength fasteners. Supply of bolts, chemical anchor bolts, and other accessories, orbital cutting and welding processing, customized production of buffer stops, and customization of various special steel structures.