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Bridge crane rails system solution

Bridge cranes are hoisting equipment that is horizontally placed over workshops, warehouses, and stockyards for material hoisting. The bridge crane rail track lays elevated on both sides. It can make full use of the space under the bridge to lift materials without being hindered by ground equipment. It is the most widely used and the largest number of hoisting machinery.

The bridge crane rails lay on the beams of the steel structure. We use rail clips to fix it. First of all, it is necessary to select a suitable rail clip according to the specific conditions of the project. The bolted rail clips need to drill holes on the beam surface according to the installation instructions, then lay the rubber backing plate, lay the track, and finally fix the bridge crane rails with the rail clamps. For the welded rail clips, it is necessary to weld the base of the clips to the beam in advance, and then install it according to the installation instructions.

GloryRail is an experienced bridge crane rail supplier. We have experience in supplying various types of bridge crane projects. If you want to know more about overhead crane rails, please contact us.

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We will choose different types of rail tracks for the different projects. In most cases, bridge crane rail is crane rail or heavy rail. Such as DIN536 or GB’s QU lifting rail or heavy rail S49 (can be replaced by GB50kg).

GloryRail’s track materials cover various models, including DIN536 gantry rail, CR lifting rail, QU lifting rail, and various grades of light rail and heavy rail series.


Glory Rail can meet the one-stop procurement needs of gantry rail systems. While stocking various types of crane rails, GloryRail designs and provides rail installation and fixing solutions, including rail presses, steel backing plates, rubber backing plates, and high-strength fastening. Supply of bolts, chemical anchor bolts, and other accessories, orbital cutting and welding processing, customized production of buffer stops, and customization of various special steel structures.