Crane rails are one of the important types of rail tracks. There are many types of cranes, and they need different types of crane rail for crane running. It is widely used in ports, docks, workshop warehouses, etc. Our common ones are QU series crane rails, MRS crane runway rails, CR crane runway rails, and DIN536 crane gantry rails. In addition, Some projects will use light rails and heavy rails as crane gantry rails. The Overhead crane will use Solid square steel and flat steel as track. Therefore, the crane rail is not a single type of rail, but a generalization of rail applications.

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Rail tracks produced according to different standards have their own specific profiles and sizes. The size of the crane rail has several main data, namely head width, height, bottom width, and web thickness. The width of the rails head is related to the design of the crane wheel. We can choose the suitable rail type according to the design size of the crane wheel. Of course, other-dimensional data are also very important for the installation of the crane. We provide detailed dimensional documents for different rails to download, and you can make selection judgments based on the data in the documents. If you want to learn more, welcome to consult GloryRail.

Crane rails play an important role in the industrial world. They are widely used in factory workshops, warehouse construction, port terminals, shipyards, smelters, and mining farms. In the port, various large port machines operate on the rails, and the container yard is covered with rails, which ensures the seamless operation of container cranes and improves the operational efficiency of the port. Also in the workshops of various production enterprises, the track is everywhere, and it is the basis for the operation of the track hoisting equipment.

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Glory Rail is a leading crane rails supplier in China. We focus on crane rail systems for more than 20 years. And provide matching rail materials and accessories for different crane equipment.

We ensure the supply of rails of high-quality materials covering:
DIN536: A45/A55/A65/A75/A100/A120/A150
YB/T5055: QU70/QU80/QU100/QU120
JIS E1103: CR73/CR100

The factory has sewing machines and stamping equipment. We can customize the rail track length according to customer requirements. At the same time, it can perform 45-degree bevel cutting and drilling. For some humid environments such as the seaside, we can carry out anti-corrosion paint treatment on the track to ensure a longer service life of the track.

Glory Rail has a high reputation in the Chinese rail market. We export high-quality rail products to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, the United States, and South America. Maintain a good cooperative relationship with well-known crane manufacturers in Australia.
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