The rail pads are important accessories in the crane track system. It is made of rubber, EVA rubber and plastic, and other materials. It is laid on the lower part of the track to form a flexible connection between the track and the installation base so that the bottom of the track is more evenly stressed and prevents local Excessive force will causing damage to the track system. Due to the elastic characteristics of the rail pad, it can effectively reduce the vibration generated during the operation of the crane, reduce the impact on the track foundation caused by the vibration, and reduce the hard collision between the wheels and the track. , so that the loss of the force-bearing parts of the entire track system is reduced, and the service life of the track system is prolonged.
GloryRail specializes in the production of crane rail pads. We have always used high-quality new raw material pellets. Compared with recycled materials, the performance of the products is more stable and the service life is longer, thereby reducing the probability of rail system downtime. We will provide continuous crane rail pads or individual rail pads according to different schemes, which can be separate rubber pads or EVA pads.


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Continuous crane rail pads are used for paving on continuous track support surfaces, such as continuous steel soleplates or H-beams. Due to the large force-bearing area, it can be used in heavy-duty rail systems.
In addition to the conventional rubber backing plate, GloryRail forms steel reinforced rubber pads by implanting thin steel plates inside the rubber pads, which have a better bearing capacity and longer service life.
The thickness of the continuous pad is usually 7mm or 8mm, and the installation width is smaller than the bottom width of the track by 5mm. It should be noted that according to the different environments of the track application, the requirements for the oil resistance and corrosion resistance of the rubber are different, and the rubber pads should use different types of rubber materials.

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Individual rail pads are used in the track system that uses individual soleplates. It can reduce the loss caused by the friction and vibration of the track. The application scenarios are very wide, and the common ones are the warehouse stacker rail system and some mine crane systems. Individual rail pads can be made of rubber, but more EVA material is used, and EVA material will have better oil resistance.
GloryRail’s EVA pad adopts two production processes of extrusion and injection molding. The extrusion process has higher production efficiency, lower relative cost, and injection molding has better surface quality.

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