A Crane Rail clip is a component used to fix the rail in the track system. In the past years, the rail track system has developed many kinds of fixing methods, including the common train track using elastic rail fastening, rail spikes, and the crane track using the pressure plate, hook bolts, and welding. Among them, the flexible connection rail clips have gradually become mainstream. It is based on the traditional pressure plate through the structural design to achieve adjustable installation width. The vulcanization-bonded depressor on the platen forms a flexible connection with the rail. Reduce track vibration, and increase the convenience and stability of track fixed installation. According to the different installation methods, it can be divided into welding rail press and bolt type rail press.

GloryRail has been producing crane rail clips for many years. With rich experience in the production and supply of rail clips, we design and produce rail clips for different crane rail systems. Provide high-quality crane rail fixing clips for ports, mines, warehouses, and workshops in China and around the world all year round.


clips soldados para rieles de grúa


Welded crane rail clips have upper and lower parts, the base plates are used for welding to the track base, bolts are used to connect the clip uppers, and then the upper is pressed against the track by tightening the nut. Rail clamps are divided into single-hole and double-hole types. The double-hole type can have a larger load force and is suitable for heavy equipment.

The welded crane rail clips provided by GloryRail can be processed by galvanizing and anti-corrosion. Usually, the base plate is a self-color. It needs to be welded to the steel backing plate or H-beam, and then the steel backing plate or H-beam should be galvanized or painted as a whole.

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clips atornillados del riel de la grúa


Compared with the welded crane rail clips, the installation of the bolt-type rail clip is more convenient and quicker. Bolted rail clip does not need to weld the base plate. It is directly connected with the bottom soleplate or H-beam by bolts. It is suitable for relatively light rail systems and usually uses 8.8-grade high-strength bolts. For installation, it is mostly used in steel beam structures.

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GloryRail is dedicated to crane rail fastening systems. The problem of damage to the crane rail track caused by the traditional hard track fixing system is studied, and the service life of the track system is prolonged by adopting a flexible crane track rail presser and high-quality rubber backing plate. Customers can purchase the required crane rails, crane rail clips, rubber pads, and various rail fasteners from GloryRail one-stop. Ensure the stability of the entire crane rail track fixing system, while improving procurement efficiency and reducing procurement costs.

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