The rail clamp is an important part of the rail system. Sometimes we call it rail fixing clip. In the past, the train tracks used wooden sleepers, and the rail spikes were rail clamps. Later, when people use steel sleepers or concrete sleepers, the elastic clips are the rail clamps. The crane rail clamps mostly use the rail presser in the form of a press plate. There are many forms of this crane rail device.

GloryRail is a traditional and veteran rail system supplier. We do crane rail clamp design and manufacture crane rail clips. We design different types of rail press plates according to different types of cranes. Like gantry crane rail clamps, ETO crane rail clamps, overhead crane rail clamps, etc.



There are many types of rail clamps, GloryRai can supply the following types of rail clamps.

wjk qu80 rail clip

1. WJK Welded Rail clips

WJK Welded Rail clips is a fastener used for fixing rails in rail laying, and it is also a welded rail fix clips, which is a widely used standard for crane beam rail fixing. It has three categories:

(1) Light rail clamp: WJK-TG24, WJK-TG30,
(2) Heavy rail clamp: WJK-TG38, WJK-TG43, WJKTG50
(3) Crane rail clamp: WJK-QU80, WJK-QU100, WJK-QU120

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Double hole rail clamp for 43kg steel rails
6A-6 rail clips

2. Rail pressing plate

GDGL pressure plate is 514 double-hole pressure plate (pressure plate for I-beam beam). The model of the GDGL pressure plate can be divided into GDGL-1 (for 38kg rail) – GDGL-7 (for 120kg rail). The material of the GDGL pressure plate is Q235B. Each set of GDGL pressure plates includes 1 double-hole pressure plate, 1 backing plate, 2 wedge-shaped backing plates, and 2 sets of bolts.

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DGL pressure plate is a long hole casting pressure plate (pressure plate for concrete beam and concrete floor). The models of DGL pressure plate can be divided into 6a-1 (for 24kg rail) – 6a-7, (for 120kg rail). The material of DGL platen is ductile iron and cast steel. And its supporting products are a pressure plate, upper-pressure tongue, special-shaped backing plate, compound rubber backing plate, and hexagonal bolts.

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kpo crane rail clamp

3. KPO series are rigid fasteners. Its models are KPO3, KPO6, KPO9

4. MTH pressing plate: M8, M10, M12, M12LA, M12LAS, M16, M16RF, M20, M24.

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5. Flexible crane rail clamp. Welded crane rail clamp and bolted crane rail clamp.

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