chemical anchor bolts

Chemical anchor bolts introduction

Chemical anchor bolts are a new type of anchoring material. It is composed of chemicals, metal rods, nuts, and washers. It has good seismic and tensile properties and belongs to a kind of post-embedded parts. It is used in the leakage of embedded parts or in post-construction projects. The screw is glued and fixed in the drilled hole of the concrete base material by chemical adhesive. So as to realize the composite part anchored to the fixed part. It is widely used in various steel structures, curtain walls, highways, and bridges.
The main components of chemical bolts are a chemical capsule, screw, washer, and nut. Its screws, nuts, and washers are generally available in galvanized steel and stainless steel.

As a rail material supplier, GloryRail customizing high-quality chemical anchor bolts for customers is one of our important services. There are chemical bolts of various sizes and models. We have experience in supplying many large domestic and international projects with reliable quality.

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Chemical anchor bolts are widely used in track system installations. Whether it is a single steel backing plate or a continuous steel backing plate, it can be fixed with chemical bolts. In the construction of the three-dimensional warehouse, the stacker uses H-beam as the travel track, welds the steel backing plate at the bottom of the H-beam, punches holes, and fixes it with chemical bolts and foundation connections. This is a very common warehouse track system installation method.
The chemical bolts provided by GloryRail are also mostly used in the construction of rail systems, as well as steel structure systems, supporting rail system processing parts, and providing customers with one-stop procurement of rail materials, which is our important purpose.