rail clip

Rail Clips

The Rail clip is a rail-fixing device. Its function is to press and fix the rail.
Normally rail clips are divided into elastic rail clips and crane rail fixing clips, among which the crane rail fixing clips are divided into welded type rail clips and bolted type rail clips.

Rail Clips are the key fasteners of the rail system. How choose the right Rail clips is very important. According to the track installation foundation and usage environment, as well as the track carrying equipment. Matching the appropriate model to ensure the use of high-quality steel materials can ensure the smooth operation of the track system for a long time.

Glory Rail has specialized in the R&D and production of rail clips for more than 20 years. A full range of rail clips is available. Products include road studs for transport rails and clip-type rail fixing systems. At the same time, we provide adaptive flexible rail presses for crane rails. This kind of rail press is mainly divided into welding type and bolt type. Its working principle is similar, and the track is fixed by means of bolt pressing. The Chinese standard crane rail pressure system is different from the European and American ones, but the working principle is similar. GloryRail started from the production of Chinese standard rail presses. With the development of the market, the application of flexible rail presses is becoming more and more extensive. GloryRail invests in R&D and the design of rail presses to meet the needs of different international projects.

Various Types Rail Clip for sale from Glory Rail

The rail clips provided by Glory Rail can meet the fixed installation of almost all rails. From the spring bars and spikes required for the transport rail track to the pressure plate and welded rail presser bolt type rail presser required for the crane rail. We have been supplying our track materials and installation accessories to major mines, docks, and shipyards for many years.

Bolted rail clips: 3116 / 3120 / 3124

Welded rail clip: 1615 / 9116/ 9216 /9120/9220/ 7116/ 7120/

WJK rail clip:  TG38/TG43/TG50/TG60/QU70/QU80/QU100/QU120

GDGL rail clips: GDGL-1(for p38 rail)/GDGL-2(for p43 rail)/GDGL-3(for p50 rail)/GDGL-4(for qu70 rail)/GDGL-5(for qu80 rail)/GDGL-6(for qu100 rail)/GDGL-7(for qu120 rails)

other rail clips: M24 rail clamp