asce rail

American Standard Steel Rail

What is ASCE rail?

ASCE rail is the rails manufactured according to The ASTM A1 standard. It is a rail model under US standards. It is widely used throughout the Americas. Light rail is mostly used by mining farms. Some of these devices will also use ASCE rails. the rail specification includes:


ASCE rail supplier from China

GloryRail is a professional rail system supplier. We offer various standard steel rail tracks. ASCE rail is one of our most frequently supplied rail models. More exports to the United States, South America, and Southeast Asian countries. ASCE30 ASCE60 is the most used model. There are a large number of spot inventory reserves. If you have any needs about ASCE rails, you can always consult GloryRail.

At the same time, GloryRail can cut and punch the rails and provide customized processing services, and provide accessories such as fishplates, fasteners, and other accessories for ASCE steel rails.