Precautions for crane rail installation

precautions for crane rail installation

precautions for crane rail installation

Gantry cranes are generally divided into type and tire type, while bridge cranes generally need to be equipped with running tracks. The track can be installed by the user himself or by the crane manufacturer. If there is no track installation experience, it is recommended that the user entrust a professional crane manufacturer to install it.

The crane rail has a limited length and needs to be connected in pairs to facilitate the operation of the whole machine or trolley. There will be several kinds of accessories at the part where the guide rail is connected: bolts, nuts, fish plates, spring washers, etc. The joints of the track need to be welded and fastened with bolts. If the crane track is not welded and bolted, there will be safety hazards in the use of the crane.

Welding and fastening with bolts at the track joints are not enough, and some details must be paid attention to. During installation, thermal expansion and contraction of the rails should be taken into account. After welding, a certain gap needs to be controlled between 15–18mm. Of course, heart treatment is also essential after the track is welded, and finally, it is polished to ensure that the track joint is consistent with the track as a whole.

Precautions for crane rail installation: the vertical camber of the track beam is within 10mm; the horizontal side bend of the track beam is within L/1500, where “L” is the length of the track beam; the center position of the track beam and the designed positioning axis the deviation is not higher than 5mm; the verticality of the mid-span of the track beam is within H/500, and “H” is the beam height of the track beam; the height difference between adjacent track beam joints cannot be greater than 1mm, and the misalignment of the center side is within 3mm; the height of the top of the track beam between adjacent columns shall not be higher than L/1500, where “L” is the beam length of the track beam.

Whether the installation of the crane track is good or bad directly affects the operation quality of the crane. Therefore, the quality control of the crane track installation is stricter. During the installation process, it should be installed according to the relevant technical standards and construction drawings to ensure normal and safe operation.

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