What is the purpose of painted rails?

In most rail constructions, the rails do not need to be painted for protection. The main reason for this is that the wear rate of the rails is greater than the corrosion rate in the normal use environment, although the rail steel is also in the normal environment. It will rust, but the speed of this rust is relatively slow, which is far lower than the wear caused by the friction between the wheel and the track. That is to say, when the track is not damaged by corrosion, the track will be replaced because of the high wear rate. To ensure the safe operation of the track.
However, in special environments, this relationship will change. For example, in tunnels, seaside, high-salt, and high-acid environments, the corrosion rate is higher than the rail wear rate, especially for the corrosion of the bottom waist of the rail, which will cause the supporting force of the rail. Falling or even failing, seriously threatens the safety of rail operations. At the same time, frequent replacement of rails will cause more downtime and economic losses. Therefore, in this environment, painted rails are particularly important. Painted rails are coated with anti-oxidation on the surface. , acid and alkali resistant coatings, which can greatly reduce the corrosion rate in special environments, thereby extending the service life of the track.
GloryRail has been focusing on track systems for many years, providing painted rails products for the possible environmental erosion caused by tracks, and supporting various anti-corrosion and rust-proof track fixing accessories, including various types of galvanized fishplates, galvanized rail clips, etc.