30 lb rail


What is a 30 lb rail? A 30 lb rail refers to a rail weighing 30 lb in meters, which is an ASCE 30 model rail produced according to ASTM A1. As a common light track, it is mainly used for laying mining track lines. Therefore, it is widely used in the South American market.

The dimensions of the 30 lb rail are as follows:
Head width: 42.9mm
Track height: 79.4mm
Track bottom width: 79.4mm
Waist thickness: 8.4mm

GloryRail is an important mining rail supplier in China. Engaged in rail supply for more than 20 years. Rail products are exported to many countries and regions around the world. Trusted and supported by many mining customers. We maintain long-term cooperative relationships with many important customers in Peru, Colombia, Panama, and Venezuela in South America.

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As the world’s most important rail tracks production base. There are six major steel mills in China producing rails with an annual output of millions of tons. GloryRail is an important rail system practitioner in China. In order to meet the construction of the mine project, we have a large inventory of light rail. The ASCE 30 lb rail is one of the frequently stocked models. Our own processing plant can also provide customized processing services for rails according to customer needs, including cutting and drilling, anti-rust painting, etc.


mining rails spikes


Rail spikes are also called railroad spikes. it is a clip for fixing rails in railway systems. It fixes the rails to the sleepers to ensure the vertical fixation of the rails. At the same time, together with the sleeper system to ensure the fixation of the gauge, it is an important accessory of the rail installation system. Rail nails come in various shapes for different functions. The material for the production of railway spikes can be carbon steel or stainless steel as required, and the surface of the spikes can be flat, black, hot-dip galvanized, galvanized, etc.

fishplate for mine rails


Fish plates are a kind of connection fastener used for connection between rail and rail. As a well-known supplier of rail materials in China, Gloryrail can provide various types of fishplates for rail connections of different specifications. Conventional fishplates can be manufactured from rolled profiles, which can be mass-produced with high efficiency and low cost. But it is mainly used for common types of fishplates, such as various light rail heavy rails and crane rails suitable for Chinese standards.

tie plate


The railroad tie plate is also called the rail base plate or the soleplate, which is the main component of the crane track or track support system in railway construction. It is also one of the important components in the track structure and plays an important role in damping the wheel-rail power system. With the development of heavy-duty railway transportation, the axle load is increasing day by day. While the rails are gradually heavier, higher requirements are put forward on the performance of the backing plate, and the backing plate is required to have good vibration damping performance, impact resistance, and long service life.