Maintenance of driving crane tracks to ensure the safe operation of driving

Maintenance of driving crane tracks

Maintenance of driving crane tracks

In the bogie depot of the Chengdu EMU section of China Railway Chengdu Bureau Group Co., Ltd., a group of maintenance workers is half squatting on the 10-meter-high driving track to fasten bolts.

The crane is an important piece of equipment for hoisting bogie components in the third-level repair process of the train.

In view of the high frequency of use and time-consuming daily repairs in the daily maintenance of high-speed trains, this section uses the “empty window time” during the suspension of production of the third-level maintenance of high-speed trains during the Spring Festival travel season to comprehensively renovate the maintenance auxiliary equipment in the depot. Fastening the track bolts was the most challenging part of the remediation work.

There are 119 bolts spanning more than 12,000 bolts in the 7 cranes. On average, 6 people can repair 1,000 bolts a day, and it takes 13 consecutive days to complete the work. Using the crane to hoist the bogie for a long time may cause the track bolts to loosen. It will break down. Their working position is about 10 meters above the ground, and the width can only accommodate two soles. The risk of unbalanced falls is extremely high. In order to ensure the safety and efficiency of the operation, the team members are divided into tasks. One person operates the moving vehicle, four people are divided into two groups and work simultaneously on the tracks on both sides of the vehicle, and one person controls the safety of the site and reminds them at any time when danger is found.

There is no safety belt suspension device above the driving track, and workers install iron chains between the two pillars of the driving and hang the safety belts on the iron chains.