warehousing operating

warehousing operating

How to Effectively Control the Companys Warehousing Operating Costs


With the rapid development of enterprises, traditional storage shelves can no longer meet the storage needs of modern enterprises, and warehouses are no longer just for storing goods. The role of warehousing has changed from traditional shelves to warehouses to distribution centers, and from traditional warehousing to smart warehousing. In the smart era, smart storage shelves have become indispensable storage equipment for many large enterprises. Many companies have also begun to carry out automated warehousing transformation of their warehouses. Intelligent storage shelves are large-scale industrial equipment with high costs. Therefore, when many companies choose automated storage warehouses, they will first ask how much it costs to build an intelligent storage warehouse. So let’s take a look at what is the general cost of smart warehouse equipment?

The cost of large-scale smart warehouses is definitely not low, ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions for small ones, and from tens of millions to hundreds of millions for large ones. In addition, the price of small smart warehouses is not low. Generally, the cost of small smart warehouses reaches about 1 million. Because smart three-dimensional warehouses contain many automated equipment, such as stackers, shuttles, AGVs, and related supporting systems, the cost of general three-dimensional warehouses is in the millions.

Many customers ask whether there are smart warehouses within hundreds of thousands, and the answer is yes. If the budget is several hundred thousand yuan, you can choose a shuttle three-dimensional warehouse. For some small businesses, there is no need for full automation, semi-automatic is enough. The cost of a fully automatic four-way shuttle three-dimensional warehouse generally exceeds one million. Therefore, if you want to achieve fully automated operations, you still need a certain investment cost.

Warehouse shelves are one of the indispensable equipment for storing goods in modern enterprise warehouses. They need to be rationally utilized and correctly designed and planned during use, so as to effectively reduce the enterprise’s warehousing operating costs and effectively improve the utilization rate of storage space. So how can you do a good job in design, planning and placement to more effectively control the company’s warehousing operating costs?

Warehousing operation cost is the sum of the manpower, material resources, financial resources and risk costs consumed by warehouse facilities in the process of storing goods, including loading and unloading, circulation and sorting, storage and custody. Warehousing operating costs are an important part of logistics costs and have a great impact on the level of logistics costs.

Loading, unloading and handling costs: Most of the goods in traditional warehouses are completed by loading and unloading operations, resulting in the depreciation of equipment for loading, unloading and handling machinery accounting for a large part of the warehousing costs. Therefore, the warehousing department should pay attention to selecting appropriate equipment based on its own enterprise requirements when choosing to use mechanical equipment. Prevent the purchased equipment from not meeting actual needs, and pay attention to the daily use and maintenance of the equipment.

Labor cost: Today, with labor costs constantly rising, on the one hand are the wages, bonuses, benefits and allowances of warehouse management personnel, and on the other hand are the wages, bonuses, allowances, welfare costs of production staff, etc. It can be seen from this that the management of labor costs should be reduced from the expenditures of non-production workers. This is because the costs of non-production workers have little relationship with the workload. Therefore, reasonable labor organization and wage payment forms should be selected to reduce cost.

The use of modern storage technology and equipment to improve the efficiency of each link. Warehousing operation and management should be done well, so that the entire warehousing costs can be reduced, economic benefits of enterprises can be improved, and labor productivity can be improved. New automated storage systems can be used, such as shuttle car shelves, automated three-dimensional warehouses, etc., using computer management control to achieve automated unmanned operations, greatly reducing labor costs. The use of intelligent storage system, the use of information management, network, intelligent advantages, effectively promote the information of each link of the system to maintain consistency, the use of logistics, capital flow, information flow dynamic assistant decision-making, effectively reduce the entire storage operating costs and greatly improve the efficiency of storage work.

If you want to give full play to the efficiency of the warehouse space and improve the circulation of products, you need to make a good layout of the shelves and rationally set up the channels when planning the warehouse to increase the ability of goods to enter and exit the warehouse, thereby reducing costs.