Flexible rail clips introduction

Flexible rail clips products are used in train track flexible fixing systems. The Flexible rail clips overcome the loosening of the pressure plate, reduce the wheel pressure and the phenomenon of the running wheel in the traditional rigid rail fixing system. The rail pressure plate assembly reduces noise at the same time, and the track pressure plate assembly has a self-locking function. It can reliably withstand the lateral force from the train wheels. The rail clamp assembly is narrow and flat to provide favorable installation dimensions and can be used on all types of cranes with or without guide wheels. The flexible rail clips assembly is automatically locked by the action of the wedge-shaped structure and the inclination of the upper and lower parts of the mutually engaged pressing plate. The control of the rail and crane beam tolerances of the rail clamp assembly is not a problem, the prestressing of the base of the rail clamp and the permanent contact between the rail and the base are guaranteed. The Flexible rail clips assembly effectively reduces noise and improves the working environment.
Compared with traditional rail presses, the flexible rail presses are more in line with the rail laying requirements of modern crane equipment. GloryRail can provide various types of flexible rail presses for different usage scenarios. At the same time, there are matching rubber pads for the rail presses. , steel backing plates, etc., can be purchased in one stop at GloryRail.