HEB 180

HEB 180 I beam rail FOR SALE

HEB(IPB) is a European wide flange beam, Mainly used in steel structure construction.
HEB180 is one of the specification models, which refers to the beam height of 180mm. Its cross-sectional area is 65.3 square centimeters. The meter weight of the HEB 180 is 51.2kg.

HEB 180 dimensions are as follows

Head width: 180mm
Beam height: 180mm
Web thickness: 8.5mm

Glory Rail supplies HEB 180 as I beam rail for stacker crane, its length is 12m. The Glory machining center can bevel the H-beam according to the customer’s requirements, and the welded bottom plate is used for the ground fixing of the stacker track. If you want to know more about  I beam rail information, you can consult GloryRail at any time.

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GloryRail always strives to be a better and more reliable supplier of rail materials. After years of development, GloryRail has become an important brand in China’s rail industry. Relying on the advantages of the source of goods, tens of thousands of tons of rail materials are circulated every year. At the same time, a one-stop solution for rail system procurement, GloryRail has successively established rail material processing centers, rail accessories processing plants, and storage centers.

GloryRail has been researching stacker rail systems for many years. And we currently provide crane rail system materials and accessories for several international warehousing projects. Stacker could use I BEAM or steel rail as track. HEB 180 beam is one of the I beam rail types. This track system uses a base plate welded on the I beam ground, and then fixed to the ground with chemical bolts. Its structure is simple and stable, which is conducive to the smooth operation of the stacker, and at the same time, the counterfeiting cost is low. Currently used very widely.


chemical anchor bolts


Chemical anchor bolts are a new type of anchoring material. It is composed of chemicals, metal rods, nuts, and washers. It has good seismic and tensile properties and belongs to a kind of post-embedded parts. It is used in the leakage of embedded parts or in post-construction projects. As a rail material supplier, GloryRail customizing high-quality chemical anchor bolts for customers is one of our important services. There are chemical bolts of various sizes and models. We have experience in supplying many large domestic and international projects with reliable quality.


GloryRail provides steel backing plates for welding and securing the I beam rail. The steel backing plate is laser-cut to ensure precise and uniform dimensions. The materials are mainly S235JR and S355JR. According to customer requirements, we can directly weld the backing plate to the I beam according to the drawing requirements. Spacing and dimensional tolerances are well controlled, and the welds meet international standards. At the same time, we provide gaskets with different thicknesses to match the actual ground conditions of customers’ installation.

end stopper


As a professional crane rail system supplier, Glory Rail can design and produce various types of crane stops. In the processing workshop of the factory, we always stock steel plates of various thickness specifications. Generally, We will use S355JR high-strength steel plates. Laser cutting ensures the accuracy of blanking size. Our welding complies with international welding standards to ensure clean and tight welds without false welds. The finished crane end stops structure is stable and reliable. According to the needs of customers, we can do sandblasting and rust removal for the crane rail stops, and galvanized paint can be carried out.