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As the branch of GLORYSTEELWORK, Glory Rail specialized in producing square steel crane rail, flat steel crane rail and offering different type steel rail and accessories . We also provide punching, cutting and 45 degree cutting service.

Glory Rail has engaged in rail products for many years, we devote to offer materials and solution for rail industry. After years of development, we built reliable cooperation with crane industry, railway transportation and mine industry clients around the world, like Peru, Columbia, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Australia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Russia, Ukraine, etc. By working in partnership with our customers from different countries, we can ensure that our products could fulfil the demands of the international railway industry. And we supply different standard to satisfy customers from different countries.

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Glory Rail covers the area of 12000 square meters,The production workshop area is 5000 square meters.
Flat bar and square bar plant mainly produced 30x40mm, 30x50mm, 40x60mm, 40x70mm, 60x80mm, 80x80mm, 100x100mm flat bar and square bar.
Our flat bar are widly used in Curtain wall industry, Engineering machinery, Shipping industry, The elevator industry, Port industry, The car industry.
Most of all, crane rail flat bar is our very important products, we offer the flat bar to many crane constructions in different countries.
Our main equipment:
A production line of steel rolling; 6 Sawing machines; A Flame cutting machine; 5 bridge cranes ;2 Straightening machines;1 lathes;1 planers; 1 press: Chemical analysis room ( C、S、Mn、P、Si and so on),a Metallurgical microscope;a durometer and so on.

In addition, Glory Rail built own rail stock warehouse. We could also supply crane rails like 30KG rail, 60KG rail, QU70 crane rail, QU80 crane rail, QU100 crane rail, QU120 crane rail, ASCE40 rail, ASCE50 rail, ASCE60 rail, etc.
In order to better serve the different needs of customers, our technical team is available to provide advice and support, helping every customer to optimize their rail selections to minimize life cycle costs.
We supply suitable rail parts, like fish plates, rail clips, bolts and nuts. We supply rail processing, like 45 degree mitre cut, welding process, milling process, special profile processing, etc. Our engineer help customer to design railroad line according to requirements, and build mining railroad line and crane moving line. The technical support provided by Glory Rail can ensure that every rail we deliver provides optimum performance throughout its service life.

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