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wjk qu100 rail clip

 WJK QU100 rail clip/ welded rail clamp for crane rail QU100

Type:RAIL CLAMP / CLIP, Rail clamp / Rail clip
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm):Custumers’ Requirements
Place of Origin:Henan, China
Brand Name:Glory Rail
HS Code:730240
Usage: Fastening Railroad
Quality Control: Production Process
Keyword: Railway Fastener
Sample:Available upon request
Advantage:Large Stock

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 WJK QU100 rail clip/ welded rail clamp for crane rail QU100

WJK QU100 rail clip is a kind of welded rail clamp, it is a widely used crane beam rail fixing standard.

The installation sequence is welding the base plate, the bolt in place, the adjusting plate, the upper cover plate, the flat washer, the spring washer, and the nut. After the T-bolt is installed and tightened, the spring washer is finally compressed until the height difference at the joint is 2mm.
Instructions for use of the WJK welded rail clip: steel plates need to be pre-embedded for foundation construction, the 3 sides of the base are welded to the pre-embedded steel plates, the upper cover is against the edge of the rail, the bolts and the shaft are adjusted to control the pressure and tightness. Install one set on each side of the rail, and the rail needs to be fixed with a pair of rail clamps every 600mm or 500mm

tg43 rail clamp installation

tg43 rail clamp installation

The materials and manufacturing standards of the fixing parts:
(1) The upper cover plate, the base plate, and the adjustment plate are ZG270-500. The material meets the requirements of 5676-85. The use of lost wax precision casting. Class II quantity and the dimensional deviation meet the requirements of JZ67-2 Class II accuracy.
(2) The bolts and nuts are processed parts of Q235BF steel. The mechanical properties and chemical composition are specified in GB700-88, the surface accuracy of the bolts is 12.5, and the nuts meet the requirements of GB 6170-86.
(3) The flat washer is made of Q235AF steel, and the manufacturing requirements meet the requirements of GB97.1-85.
(4) The spring washer is 65Mn or 60si2Mn steel, the material conforms to the regulations of 1222-84, and the manufacturing requirements conform to the regulations of GB93-87.

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