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weldable rail clips

|Weldable rail clips 1615 supplier from China

Type:RAIL CLAMP / CLIP, Rail clamp / Rail clip
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm):Custumers’ Requirements
Place of Origin:Henan, China
Brand Name:Glory Rail
HS Code:730240
Usage:Fastening Railroad
Quality Control:Production Process
Keyword:Railway Fastener
Sample:Available upon request
Advantage:Large Stock

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Weldable rail clips 1615

The weldable rail clips are composed of upper and lower parts, the base is welded on the bottom plate, the upper cover presses the rail through high-strength bolts, and the rubber press tongue makes the connection between the rail presser and the rail more flexible. Therefore, the vibration generated in the orbital operation is reduced, and the stability of the orbital operation is improved.

1615 Weldable rail clips are one of the most commonly used types of rail clips. Compared with 9120 Rail Clips, 1615 has a narrower installation width, while the maximum load remains unchanged. It is suitable for projects with limited installation environment width.

GloryRail has a large inventory of 1615 weldable rail clips. Many beam crane rails use this type of rail press. We supply 1615 weldable rail clips to many international projects. The surface is galvanized anti-corrosion treatment, which can be used in the seaside corrosion environment.

The proven design has been used successfully for many years throughout the world.
• The clip is welded to the rail support. No access is required from below.
• The two main parts are locked together on tightening the grade 10.9 bolt.
• The clip has a self-tightening mechanism.
• A special vulcanized rubber block applies a controlled force to the rail.

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