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Thrust base rail clamp for coking plant rails

Thrust base rail clamp for coking plant rails

Type:RAIL CLAMP / CLIP, Rail clamp / Rail clip
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm):Custumers’ Requirements
Place of Origin:Henan, China
Brand Name:Glory Rail
HS Code:730240
Usage: Fastening Railroad
Quality Control: Production Process
Keyword: Railway Fastener
Sample:Available upon request
Advantage:Large Stock

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Thrust base rail clamp for coking plant rails

The thrust base rail clamp is a special track fixing clip, which is mostly used to fix the track of the coke pusher in the coking plant. Suitable for QU crane rail track.
The thrust base rail clip is made of cast steel. The surface of the produced thrust seat can be treated with dacromet or galvanized to achieve the effect of anti-corrosion and anti-rust.

Thrust base rail clamp

Steel castings refer to parts made of cast steel. Its performance is similar to that of cast iron, but its strength is better than cast iron. Coupled with the advantages of reduced weight design and short delivery time, it has a competitive advantage in terms of price and economy. The production process is relatively mature, and it is generally processed according to the following procedures:
1. Put the qualified materials into the smelting equipment according to the corresponding proportion, and sample and analyze the liquid. After passing the inspection, pouring is carried out according to the pouring principle. When pouring, the method of low temperature and rapid pouring should be selected, and the time and temperature should be recorded at the same time.
2. Before the casting of steel castings, computer software is used to analyze and predict the quality of the entire molding process of the entire casting process, and strictly optimize the entire casting process. Throughout the process, the size of the casting is strictly controlled to prevent cracks.
3. After the preliminary work is completed, polishing and sampling inspection are required. Generally, a high-precision surface grinder is used to accurately grind and polish steel castings to improve the dimensional accuracy of the product. The purpose of sampling inspection is to improve the rate of finished products, remove some unqualified products from the finished products, and ensure the quality of the products.

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