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TG38 rail clamp

TG38 Rail Clamp for P38 rail

Type:RAIL CLAMP / CLIP, Rail clamp / Rail clip
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm):Custumers’ Requirements
Place of Origin:Henan, China
Brand Name:Glory Rail
HS Code:730240
Usage: Fastening Railroad
Quality Control: Production Process
Keyword: Railway Fastener
Sample:Available upon request
Advantage:Large Stock

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TG38 Rail Clamp for P38 rail Supplier from China

SWJK TG38 rail clamp is a 38kg/m orbit welding type fixed part produced and sold by Glory Rail. It mainly includes a base, a press plate, an adjusting plate, and bolts. The SWJK-TG38 type rail press uses Q235 or Q345 steel castings, cast The standard of carbon steel, the surface roughness is allowed *6414-86M “casting size tolerance” CT6 level requirements;

Supporting data of SWJK-TG38 rail clamp:

Installation rail: 38kg/m lifting rail
Material: cast steel
Matching bolts: 8.8 grade
Package Weight: 1.4kg

Assembly process of SWJK-TG38 rail clamp:

Bolt-in place-upper cover-flat washer-spring washer-nut-tighten.

TG38 Rail Clamp Supplier

TG38 Rail Clamp Supplier

Material and performance requirements of SWJK-TG38 rail clamp

(1) The track pressure plate, fixed bottom plate and wedge-shaped adjusting plate adopt Q235 or Q345 steel castings, the standard of casting carbon steel, the surface roughness is allowed *6414-86M “casting size tolerance” CT6 level requirements;
(2) When the bottom plate material is Q235, the T-bolt is Grade C, the maximum tightening torque is 150N.M, and the large lateral force with which each wheel is pressed is 45KN. When the bottom plate material is Q345, the T-bolt is 8.8 Level, the tightening torque is 220N.M, and the large lateral force that is subjected to each wheel pressure is 55KN.
(3) The washer is a steel washer with a performance level of 100HV;
(4) The welding model of the base of the fixed part and the crane beam should be in accordance with the material of the connecting part. For example, when using Q235 and Q345 steel, use E4315 and E5015 welding rods respectively.

Installation prerequisites for SWJK-TG38 rail clamp

(1) The installation of the rail clamp must be carried out after the adjustment of the lifting surface steel beam is completed;
(2) The crane steel beam must meet the requirements of the “Code for Construction and Acceptance of Steel Structure Engineering” (GBJ205-83) and the requirements of the current steel structure code;
(3) The rail clamp should be installed;
(4) The surface paint of the crane beam before the installation of the rail clamp must be finished and meet the requirements of the current regulations;
(5) Before installing the rail clamp, the rail joints should be connected, and the deviation of the rail joints and the side bends shall meet the requirements of the “Code for Steel Structure Engineering and Acceptance” (GBJ205-83). For the rails with allowable deviations, they must be calibrated. Can be constructed;
(6) The welding of the bottom plate control board and the steel hanging beam should meet the design requirements.

Installation sequence and essentials of WJK-TG38 rail clamp

A. Welded fixed base, can use fixed base, three grooves on the surface and the center position of the rail presser, the allowable deviation of the position from the centerline of the crane beam is ±1.0mm;
B. Put in T-bolts and push them in place in the direction of the rails;
C. Put in the wedge-shaped adjusting plate, and make the notched surface upward;
D. Install rail pressure plates, washers, spring washers, and nuts in sequence;
E. Move the wedge-shaped adjustment plate to adjust the position of the rail clamp in the direction perpendicular to the rail. When the rail clamp is tightly compressed with the lower flange of the rail, tighten the nut
F. The influence of welding the fixed plate on the disturbance change of the crane beam should be considered during the design or construction.

Note: Welding rail firmware, our company called rail press, (namely WJK type) is mainly used for track fixing of steel crane beams, and can also be used for stackers and reclaimers, coke pushers, coke blockers, and other ground transportation equipment The track is fixed.

8. Instructions for ordering SWJK-TG38 rail clamp:

(1) Reduced type rail clamp crane rail fixing parts are mainly used for the fixing of horizontal wheel crane rails. The elevation after installation is 70mm (large).
(2) The technical conditions and installation requirements of the overall production are the same as those of the welded rail clamp.
(3) If you have special requirements or the elevation of the distance between the horizontal wheel of the crane and the crane beam is small, please notify my unit in advance.

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