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  • Crane rail flat bar manufacturer

Crane rail flat bar manufacturer


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Crane rail flat bar manufacturer from China

Glory Rail has rich experience in supplying crane rails, and different types of cranes use different types of rails. Among them, there is a solid profile as the track, which can be used for bridge cranes. It is a flat-top steel rail. It is generally used on cranes with small lifting weight, slow running speed, and infrequent work. Materials such as S275JR and S355JR are mostly used. This is the square steel track, the flat steel track, or the rectangular rail track.
The advantages and disadvantages of square bar steel rail track (flat bar steel rail track) are as follows:
1. The square steel is low in height, which can reduce the effective space on the rail.
2. The square steel has a large contact area with the wheel and can withstand greater pressure.
3. The square steel (flat steel) is relatively light in weight, which can reduce the weight of the whole machine.
4. The square steel is welded to the main beam and can be calculated in the main beam section.
But at the same time, the material is ordinary carbon steel, with low hardness and not wear-resistant. It is mainly suitable for small-diameter wheels and trolleys to gnaw rails. It is easy to wear square steel into irregular trapezoids. These problems require design and construction personnel to provide specific problems. The corresponding solution.

flat bar crane rail

flat bar crane rail

flat bar crane rail installation

flat bar crane rail installation