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Coated rails for sale from Glory Rail

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Coated rails, also known as anti-corrosion rails, are rails used in highly corrosive environments, such as tunnels, coastal areas, high acid, and high salt environments, where the corrosion rate of the rail is much greater than the rail wear rate, which causes In order to improve the service life of the track, we need to pre-paint the track and anti-corrosion treatment, according to different use environments and corrosion strength, use different Coatings can effectively prevent corrosion and reduce rail running costs.
Coated rails are one of the important products of GloryRail. GloryRail has a dedicated rail processing department, which has been engaged in anti-corrosion painting for many years. It provides painted rails for cranes, port machinery, and other equipment that work in special corrosive environments. The workshop is equipped with spray paint. Sand dedusting equipment, dusting the surface of the rail, and at the same time, after sandblasting, the coating adhesion on the surface of the rail is increased, and then the coating process can produce a well-balanced coating and improve the durability of the rail.

coated rails

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