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25 lb rail

25 lb rail ASCE 25 steel rail for sale

Standard: American standard ASTM A1 ASCE
Grade: Q235B, 55Q, U71Mn
Rail Heigth: 107.95mm
Bottom Width: 107.95mm
Web Thickness: 12.3mm
Head Width: 60.33mm
Length: 5m~12m
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: GLORY RAIL
Model Number: ASCE60
Type: Light Rail
Application: Railway Rail, Mine tunnel use, Factory
Weight: 30.1kg/m
Secondary Or Not: New
Bolt Hole Diameter: ASTM standard
Product name: ASCE60 steel rail
Usage: light crane, mining tracks, automatic warehouse, etc.
Certificate: ISO9001:2008
Material: Q235B, 55Q, U71Mn
Key words: light rail

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25 lb rail ASCE 25 steel rail for sale

Rails weight less than or equal to 30kg per meter are called light rails. Light rails are used as tracks with lower loads, such as the laying of temporary transportation lines and light locomotive lines in forest areas, mining areas, factories, and construction sites. Or light crane track.
25 lb rail (ASCE25) is a kind of ASCE rail. It is mostly used in the construction of mine rails. It is similar to the 12kg rail in China. We have a large amount of inventory that can be sold together. We have long-term export to frame construction companies in South America and other regions. At the same time, we supply and rail Provide a one-stop procurement service for all kinds of accessories.


Size: rail ASCE 25/ 25 lb rail

Length: 12m~25m or another length according to customers’ requirement

Material: Q235B, 55Q, U71Mn

Standard: ASTM A1



Q235BMechanical propertyChemical composition(%)
Yield strengthTensile strengthElongationHardnessCSiMnSP





55QMechanical propertyChemical composition(%)
Yield strengthTensile strengthElongationHardnessCSiMnSP







U71MnChemical Composition
Tensile strengthElongationHardnessCSiMnSPCrNiCu

ASCE Rail 

25 lb rail ASCE25 rail

25 lb rail ASCE25 rail

Standard: ASTM A1 ASCE Rail

In order to better serve the different needs of customers, our technical team is available to provide advice and support, helping every customer to optimize their rail selections to minimize life cycle costs. We supply suitable rail parts, like fish plates, rail clips, bolts, and nuts. We supply rail processing, like 45-degree miter cut, welding process, milling process, special profile processing, etc. Our engineer helps customers to design railroad lines according to requirements, and build mining railroad lines and crane moving lines. The technical support provided by Glory Rail can ensure that every rail we deliver provides optimum performance throughout its service life.

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