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Glory Rail™ started with square steel bar and flat steel bar production as crane rail for crane industry. Now Glory Rail has developed to be a leading and integrated steel rail supplier. We not only offer rails for crane industry, but also provide various steel rails for mine industry, railway transportation, steel industry, power plant, port, and metallurgy industry with strong R&D strength and reliable quality assurance capabilities. In order to provide diversified products for rail customers to meet the needs of different customers, Glory Rail actively negotiates cooperation with major steel rail mills and becomes a large agent of major steel rail mills in China, like Bao Steel, Yongyang Steel, Pan Steel, Anshan Steel, etc. We are committed to providing customers with comprehensive solutions for the whole rail system.

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As for the crane industry, we can produce square steel crane rail and flat steel crane rail according to customers’ required steel grade. Our main sizes about square steel bar and flat steel bar as crane rail include 30x40mm, 30x50mm, 40x60mm, 40x70mm, 60x80mm, 80x80mm, 100x100mm, etc. In addition, we reserve stock of crane rails like 30KG rail, 60KG rail, QU70 crane rail, QU80 crane rail, QU100 crane rail, QU120 crane rail, ASCE40 rail, ASCE50 rail, ASCE60 rail, etc.(DIN, QU, KP, ISCR, JIS, ASCE)
Meanwhile, we offer rail clips, rail pads, fish plates, and different types of rail fasteners for the installation of the rails.
We provide a wide range of steel rail products for global railway applications, combined with vast experience of supplying rail worldwide. Our innovations continue to deliver longer in-service product life, reducing maintenance and renewal costs for our customers.

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